My Assigned Duties as an Apprentice Social Work

  • Duties from the Institute Supervisor
  • Duties that are performed During Field Work 
  • Duties from the Agency Supervisor 
Field work is an integral part of the total social work education. As an apprentice social worker we have to face to field work every year. So I was sent to Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) from institute of Social Welfare & Research. I was to maintain some rules and regulations both of institute & agency supervisor. Firstly, they directed me, which work should be performed. Such as: 

Programs of ESDO

  • Micro Finance Program
  • Rural Micro Credit (RMC)
  • Urban Micro Credit (UMC)
  • Participatory Livestock Development Project (PLDP2)
  • Micro Enterprise Lending (MEL)
  • Financial Services for the poorest (FSP)
  • Micro Credit for Ultra Poor Program (UPP)
  • Micro Finance for Marginal and Small Farmers Projects (MFMSFP)
  • Seasonal Loan
  • Livelihood Restoration Project (LRP)
  • Programmed Initiative for Monga Eradication (PRIME)
  • Agriculture-Sector Microcredit Project (ASMP)
  • Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation Programme
  • Food Security Programme
  • Agricultural Development Programme
  • Education Programme
  • Health and Nutrition Programme
  • Rights and Governance Programme
  • ESDO Enterprise
  • Strengths of ESDO

Inter-relationship between Social Work Education and Field Work

Mutual relationship between social work education and practice:
Modern social work education has two dimensions: theoretical and practical. A social worker gains knowledge about society, social problems, property, social structure, social values, human behavior, social work process when practical training enable them to use this knowledge acquired knowledge in this field for real life purposes. Thus practical training is required for social worker to solve social problems of human beings/society for modern social work.

Importance of Field Work in Social Work Education

Field work is important that students should be helped to develop the attitude of mind ideas them to make connections between study & relief…it is needed vital that this should be done if students are to become professional practitioners in the field rather than goods nature & amateurs of techniques applying narrow skills by rule of thumbs method. (Robert, 1995) 
Field practicum is a dynamic course that challenges students to apply social work knowledge, skills & values within an organizational context. It is a vital dimension of students graduate & post graduate social work education. 

Concept of Field Work with Historical Background & Objectives

Information about field work:
Field work is a peer supervises of learning process a qualitative study qualitative, quantitative data or information. Knowledge synthesizes and integrates knowledge what is learning in the class room or in laboratory (human services). 

Field work is an integral part of the social work education. Historically the profession of social work has considered field work a primary means of providing student opportunity to acquire knowledge value and skills. Simply we can say field work refers the process or approach in which social knowledge, value, principles and other social work related discipline are exercised in the arena of social service welfare and sustainable development.

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